Removing a Kam Snap

How easily remove a Kam snap.

We have all done it, pressed that snap in with all of the strength we could muster so it is nice and secure only to realize a millisecond later that you didn’t want a socket there.  Ugh!  I have recently started a diaper stash for my first grand baby!!!  (Yeah – We are sooooo excited!)  So, I had a serious initiation into kam snaps, not that I didn’t use them before but there are a LOT of snaps on a diaper.

Here is the quickest way that I have found to remove those mistakes and get on with your life.

I hope it helps!

I buy my Kam snaps here: Kam Snaps

This is the wood burning tool I have, you don’t need anything fancy:  Wood Burning Tool

If you want to try your hand at the diaper, it is so worth it!  These are the materials I used for the diaper above.


Organic Bamboo Velour

Pow! Snap! Zoom Super Hero Print Fabric

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