1st & 2nd Annual Picnic en Blanc WR

This is an invitation only event.

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  • The Invitation Phases: Tickets are sold in phases that open for purchasing at different times.   There are limited tickets and the number invitations in phase 2 and 3 depend on how many spots are remaining.
    • Phase 1: Previous attendees can purchase tickets. There is a 1-week window of a guaranteed spot.
    • Phase 2: Friends previously invited by those in Phase 1 and others that have requested an invitation may purchase tickets depending on remaining spots. There is a 1-week window of a guaranteed spot.
    • Phase 3: The waiting list, any remaining tickets are offered to those on the waiting list in a first come basis. There is no guarantee of a spot.

There is a $35 fee per couple this covers incidentals and event insurance.  Tickets are purchased as a pair and everything is based on 2 people throughout the process.

Our Picnic en Blanc is modeled after the international phenomenon Diner en Blanc®  (Dinner in white)

The 4rd annual PeBWR date TBA

Picnic en Blanc Wood River is an annual event, the location of which is only revealed at the very last minute.  A group of people, dressed all in white, and conducting themselves with the greatest decorum, elegance, and etiquette, all meet for a “chic picnic” in a public space ‘not intended for such a purpose’.  You will receive a detailed explanation upon registration.  Until then here are the basics:

  • 1. You must wear ALL WHITE
  • 2. Everything you bring (except food) must be ALL WHITE
  • 3. You must bring a guest
  • 4. Each pair of guests brings their own picnic, table, chairs, table-cloth, white napkins and place settings (no paper) this is meant to be a glamorous event.
  • 5. You may need to walk a bit with all of your belongings so keep this in mind during preparation.


*** These are non negotiable if you can not comply, please do not register. ***

You will receive some more detailed info in your registration confirmation.  Be sure and look for the ‘Picnic en Blanc info’ download.

Do some online searches for diner en blanc, learn traditions, see pictures and get excited about what you will wear and bring.  Here are two to get you started.



Picnic en Blanc WR FB group 


***We are not associated with the official Diner en Blanc.***


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  1. Susan neaman

    Looking forward to this affair!

    • hylndgrl

      Me too, it should be a fun time!

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